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Press Release

May 12, 1998

For Immediate Release

Cambridge Residents for Growth Management is today filing a zoning petition with the City Council for interim city-wide controls on large developments during the period when permanent zoning changes to manage growth are being studied. The Interim Planning Overlay Petition (IPOP) would be in effect from July 1, 1998, for 15 months and require large projects (over 40,000 square feet floor area) to have no major traffic impacts and to comply with the City’s Growth Policy. Large projects which meet these conditions could go forward with a special permit from the City Council.

The first signers of the petition are:

Charles T. Hinds 207 1/2 Charles St.
Richard Vendetti 28 Winter St.
Dorothy Vetrano 49 Gore St.
George Salzman 12-14 Laurel St.
Priscilla J. McMillan 12 Hilliard St.
Thomas Doane Perry 1657 Cambridge St.
Karen Carmean 1657 Cambridge St.
Dexter Eames 6 Avon Place
John Pitkin 18 Fayette St.
Philip Higonnet 83 Thorndike St.
Keren Schlomy 3 Irving Terr.
Pamela Winters 41 Orchard St.
Joel B. Bard 51 Wendell St.
Paula Lovejoy 9 Clinton St.
Craig Kelley 6 St. Girard Terr.
David Hoicka 10 Lopez St.
John S. Chamberlain 53 Brookline St.
Michael Isenberg 268 Western Ave.
Jarrett T. Barrios 216 Prospect St.
Deborah Kershner 12 Laurel St.
Robb Johnson 342 Allston St.
Helen Eppstein 62 Kinnaird St.

A copies of the letter of transmittal and the petition are attached

For more information, contact:

Doane Perry at 547-1413
Pam Winters at 864-8199
Charles Hinds at 492-6239
John Pitkin 491-8171
or visit our website.