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Organization Structure: Phil Sego

  1. CRGM will be a coalition of individuals and groups, working both independently and within the coalition. This means that both individuals and groups may be members.
  2. We will function as a coalition, i.e. a group of individuals sharing resources to achieve common goals
  3. CRGM has two types of members: Board Members and General Members. The board membership is formalized as follows: Karen Carmean, Doane Perry, Craig Kelley, Phillip Sego, Wendy Baring Gould, John Pitkin, Phil Higonnet, Philip Dowds, Dexter Eames, Joel Bard, Priscilla McMillan, Pam Winters.
  4. CRGM has an informal general membership. Attendees of at least 1 of the previous 4 meetings can consider themselves general members and therefore vote on policy issues brought before the general membership.
  5. Robert's Rules is the foundation for conducting meetings and our decision making process. However, we will maintain our informal free discussion style. Policy decisions require a 2/3 majority.
  6. Chair: All members of the board will share the role of chair. Each board member will serve as chair on a rotating basis in alphabetical order. If a board member wishes to pass, he/she may do so without losing their status as a board member. As soon as each meeting ends, the next chair's tenure begins. The job of the chair is to send out meeting notices, set an agenda, run meetings, and provide the other basic chair functions described in Robert's Rules.
  7. Finances. The finance committee is the entire Board. The committee prior to making commitments must approve proposals for expenses. The promised funds would be like a grant - the proposal must be written and carried out with adherence (within reason) to the original proposal. A simple majority decides budget issues.
  8. Spokespeople: For the purposes of issuing news releases, letters to the editor, or media interviews, one can speak on behalf of CRGM only upon specific authorization. We can authorize spokespeople as follows: (a.) Permanently authorize someone to write letters to the editor, speak on at city council meetings, field press questions, and so on. (b.) Designate someone on an event-by-event or document-by-document basis. In emergency situations, i.e.: press interviews, when no person has been 'authorized' and when it's not practical to poll the entire board before issuing a release or statement, the "Chair du jour" must be consulted. If the issuer and the chair were the same person, the next available chair-du-jour in rotation would be consulted. Without this authorization, the interviewee would need to inform the media that he/she is speaking only on their own behalf.
  9. All meetings are open unless the board requests otherwise.
  10. Meeting schedule and Location: Sunday evenings - approximately once a month. Location will be the same until we find a new place.