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Pending Zoning Petitions
Zoning PetitionIn City CouncilOrdinance Hearing DatePassed to 2nd Read Planning Board HearingReport ReceivedExpiration
Proposed amendment to allow Housing as Allowed Use in Industrial Districts2/14/2000 4/13/20004/11/20007/12/2000
Harvard Square Historic District
2/16/20004/13/2000 4/11/20007/12/2000
Barbara Broussard, et al, to rezone from Industry B-1 to Industry A-1, area bounded by Bent, Third and Binney Streets 3/6/20005/10/20005/2/20008/8/2000
Ralph Yoder, et al, to rezone area adjacent to MDC Reservation at Alewife from O-2 to Open Space
Planning Board proposed extension of the Interim Planning Overlay Petition (IPOP)3/6/2000 4/13/20004/11/20007/12/2000
Ann M. Tennis, et al, to establish a Parkway Overlay District
3/16/20005/10/2000 5/2/2000 8/8/2000