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City Council Order Passed September 29, 1997

WHEREAS: The Cambridge Growth Policy Document, Towards a Sustainable Cambridge, identifies a variety of challenges and problems related to continuing growth, change and urban development in Cambridge; and

WHEREAS: The Cambridge Residents for Growth Management Petition has proposed a package of zoning ordinance amendments intended to address these challenges and mitigate urgent problems that current growth and development are causing for residents and neighborhoods; and

WHEREAS: The Planning Board in reviewing the Growth Management Petition has proposed passage of some of the zoning amendments and further study of others by the Community Development Department and Planning Board; and

WHEREAS: The Community Development Department, Planning Board, the Public and the City Council need a solid factual basis to inform their consideration of zoning and other policy options for managing growth in Cambridge; now therefore be it

ORDERED: That the City Manager be and hereby is requested to appoint a Citizens Growth Management Advisory Committee (CGMAC):

(1) To make recommendations to the Community Development Department regarding the collection and reporting of information pertinent for evaluating the impacts of alternative growth management policies;

(2) To advise the Community Development Department regarding the timetable and methods of citizen participation and use of consultants in its further study of zoning amendments; and

(3) The City Council recognizes that this Committee shall not be viewed as a substitute for broader public participation or as a substitute for the City administration's discretionary powers over these matters; and be it further

ORDERED: That the said Committee (CGMAC) be comprised of 11 members with appropriate representation, including but not limited to, members from the different neighborhoods and interest groups including members of the business community and universities. Three members of the Committee shall be members of the Cambridge Residents for Growth Management. The Chairperson will be an impartial person recommended by the ten members of the committee who shall be appointed by the City Manager; and be it further

ORDERED That the Committee shall be appointed by October 15, 1997, and that the Committee shall as its first order of business devise a work plan which shall include a preliminary assessment of the issues to be addressed, anticipate timetables, deadlines, staffing and methods of further citizen participation which shall be submitted to the Council no later than December 1, 1997 for review and approval.