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Downzoning FAR Analysis

Date: June 19, 1997
To: Interested Persons
From: Clifford Cook

Re: Build out analysis of assorted areas based upon FARs proposed by citizen's downzoning petition

Attached for your review is a revised and expanded version of the build out analysis based upon the changes to FARs proposed by the Citizen's for Growth Management [sic] downzoning petition. Given that the analysis evaluates FAR and only FAR, this should be considered as a preliminary document, far from the last word on the matter.

The areas included in the analysis have been expanded to cover commercial, industrial and mixed use zones found in the following areas:

    1. Alewife, including Fresh Pond Shopping Center and the W.R. Grace site;
    2. The Blackstone and Polaroid districts along the Charles River; and
    3. Cambridgeport and University Park, including Special Districts west of the railroad tracks;
    4. Central Square;
    5. East Cambridge, Kendall Square and the eastern end of the MIT Campus.
    6. Massachusetts Avenue between Harvard and Central Squares, as well as certain zones immediately west of Harvard Square;
    7. Mt. Auburn Street Star and vicinity; and
    8. Porter Square.

Analyses of the Blackstone, Mt. Auburn, Polaroid and Porter Square districts are all summarized on a single sheet. The remaining districts receive separate treatment. Should you find any errors or omissions, please contact me at 349-4656.

If you have the chance, you also might wish to look at the Citizen's for Growth Management [sic] web site at