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The Mechanics of a Zoning Petition

  1. The petition is filed with the City Clerk for the next City Council meeting. The first name on the petition becomes the petition’s official name.
  2. The City Council will review the petition and refer it to the Ordinance Committee.
  3. The Ordinance Committee, which is chaired by Councillor Frank Duehay and is made up of the full membership of the City Council, schedules hearings.
  4. At the same time, the Ordinance Committee submits the petition to the Planning Board, which reviews the petition, holds hearings, and makes its recommendation to the council. These hearings can be held jointly by the City Council and Planning Board.
  5. The Planning board may pass the petition back to the council with recommended changes or no changes.
  6. The City Council’s Ordinance Committee takes the petition (with amendments, if any) back to the full council for a vote.
  7. The council may hold additional hearings, and then vote. Six "yes" votes will pass the Growth Management Petition. Under some circumstances, seven votes are required.