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Who we are

The Cambridge Residents for Growth Management (CRGM) is a group of volunteer Cambridge residents who are united in a campaign to change Cambridge's zoning law. They believe that Cambridge’s Zoning Ordinance should do a much better job of protecting the city’s residential neighborhoods, businesses, and quality of life from the impacts of development. On May 1 they petitioned the City Council to make revisions in the zoning law to manage development on a uniform, citywide basis.

The input for the proposed zoning changes came from hundreds of participants throughout the city. In the past five months, representatives from CRGM have met with just about every neighborhood group, as well as business associations, city agencies, and a large number of individual residents and businesspeople, seeking their input. CRGM have found broad support for the principles of their petition, for changes in zoning and for prompt action to keep Cambridge the kind of place where people want to live.

The first signers of the petition are:

John Pitkin Fayette St. Mid-Cambridge
Dexter Eames Avon Pl. Neighborhood 9
R Philip Dowds Banks St. Riverside
Philip Higonnet Thorndike St. East Cambridge
Hong Liu Cambridge St. Mid-Cambridge
Elizabeth Birk Columbus Ave. North Cambridge
Pamela Winters Orchard St. North Cambridge
Susan Yanow Norfolk St. Area 4
Priscilla McMillan Hilliard St. Harvard Sq
Laurie Taymor-Berry Pleasant St. Cambridgeport
Sarah Bell Muller Ave. North Cambridge
Phillip Sego Norfolk St. Area 4
Jarrett Barrios Franklin St. Cambridgeport
Lisa Gould Harvey St. North Cambridge
Karen Carmean Cambridge St. Mid-Cambridge
Doane Perry Cambridge St. Mid-Cambridge
Richard Vendetti Winter St. East Cambridge
Joan Lorentz Broadway Mid-Cambridge
Joel Bard Wendell St. Agassiz
H.A. Crosby Forbes Arlington St. Neighborhood 9